manifattura di domodossola

Braiding: A Family Passion

“We are proud to represent, through our creations designed for the world of leather goods and interior decoration, a story that began over 110 years ago. Our gaze is always turned towards the future without ever forgetting the ancient values that we pass down from generation to generation.”


MD is the world's first company to produce machine-woven, elastic, and tubular leather belts.



Manifattura di Domodossola is renowned for its magnificent braids. Every year, over a million meters are produced, primarily for leather goods, footwear, and interior decoration.

Within Manifattura di Domodossola, there is a highly qualified leather department capable of producing custom-made finished belts. Customers are assisted by a single point of contact throughout the product development stages: from material selection to belt production.

Our braids are versatile and functional, suitable for covering large walls of yachts, aircraft, private residences, shops, and hotels, or to embellish furniture, seating, or small columns. We also offer a selection of tubulars in different materials, perfect for handles and handrails, profiles, electrical cable coverings, and products under glass.

The wide variety of machinery, raw materials, and colors allows us to create completely customized products for all your needs. The only limit is your imagination!

“Braiding is beautiful, especially because it is colorful; it evokes summer, joy, and vibrant colors. Living in a very bright, colorful, and peaceful environment also guides those studying stylistic combinations in making the right choices.”
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