Manifattura di Domodossola spa

Since 1913

Since 1913, the company has been continuously led by the same family, now in its fourth generation.

Since 1913

Manifattura di Domodossola spa

Manifattura di Domodossola was founded in 1913 when its founder, Giuseppe Polli, acquired a facility that produced large ropes for ships, braided articles, and trimmings.

A visionary man, he was among the first to register the company with the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy in 1918, and in 1919, right after the Great War, he was one of the founders of the Association of Industrialists in the Region.

He managed to steer the company, which by then had grown to over 300 employees, through the Second World War, passing the baton to his sons, Angelo and Gianfranco.

In the 1970s, the founder’s grandchildren, Giuseppe and Mauro, took over, and in recent years, great-granddaughters Giulia and Silvia have been actively involved. This is a typical Italian family-owned business with a long tradition. The company has survived two world wars and numerous economic crises, including the most recent, thanks to continuous product research and innovation.

In particular, the last three decades have marked a significant turning point for Manifattura di Domodossola, as the company has greatly expanded its business in the production of highly sophisticated niche items, targeting the upper echelons of the market. It is worth noting that in the 1980s, albeit with some difficulties, the company began designing and machine-producing the first elastic and leather woven belts, processes that had previously been exclusively handcrafted.

The absolute masterpiece was the tubular leather belt, which, being a worldwide novelty, was named PRIMA and still stands as a must-have from Manifattura di Domodossola to this day. In the 1990s, alongside woven products, the company introduced items produced on large looms, giving rise to leather, textile, and copper mats, for the first time reaching a height of 140 cm.

Innovation and the development of new products, coupled with the study of new production processes, made it necessary to construct a new facility, located just a few kilometers from the historic one in Domodossola. Inaugurated in 2007, it stands as one of the most beautiful examples of industrial architecture in Italy. Built entirely of glass and steel, it covers an area of 8000 square meters, surrounded by over 10,000 square meters of gardens.

The company boasts an integrated production chain, managing all stages of production, proudly certifying that its products are not only “Made in Italy” but also “Made in Manifattura di Domodossola.” One wing of the facility houses the machinery for braiding and the large looms used to create the famous weaves of Manifattura di Domodossola, while another wing is dedicated to leather processing and yarn waxing.

With an eye always on the future and a firm connection to the values and traditions of the local region, as it entered its second century of operation, two new business divisions were inaugurated, each giving its name to its respective brands: ATHISON and OXILLA.

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