In 1918, it was one of the first companies to register with the American Chamber of Commerce.

Our weaves are versatile and functional, suitable for covering large walls in yachts, aircraft, private residences, shops, and hotels, or to embellish furniture, seating, or small columns. Completing the range is a selection of tubular products in various materials, ideal for handles and handrails, profiles, electrical cable coverings, and products under glass.

The collection’s products are available in numerous different materials, combined with each other in patterns and colors by the company’s in-house designers. Among all, the standout features are the weaves in leather from the finest Tuscan tanneries and multicolored copper fabrics, unique in the world.

The new frontier of luxury is customization: we can bring your desires to life by offering exclusive solutions for the entire living environment.

After the collaboration with Hyundai Transys for the creation of the interior of a concept car, Manifattura di Domodossola has expanded its product range by introducing special woven fabrics for the high-end automotive world.

Our style office together with the production team will assist you in choosing the materials and designs most suited to your needs.

After fashion and interior design, the company’s famous braidings also join the automotive sector, making the interiors of luxury cars pleasant and exclusive atmospheres.

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